Thursday, May 19, 2011


Joey and I are in the *ahem* fun process of finding a new place to live. We are currently in a 2100 sq ft house with a 3 car garage, backyard, pond and waterfall. We have been SPOILED. I love this house and could live here forever but after 13 months of high rent and higher utilites, we need to downsize the prices. Our landlords have been amazing and great, we love our neighbors (who have helped us many times) and Preston's preschool is 6 houses away. We couldn't have asked for a better life, but we need to be closer to Dixie College and my work. So as I pack up our things, I think about how life as changed so much in the past 13 months. When we moved in Brayden was just rolling over, now he's running and talking up a storm. Preston has learned so much at Preschool and loves playing in our backyard. It's a very bittersweet feeling. I will miss Hidden Springs Drive very much, now on to the next part of our life.
-Just cause I couldn't resist, here are my cute boys.

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CrisandAmberBills said...

moving is no fun! I hope the process is smooth and you can find another great place! You could just move up to Salt Lake City...You'd be closer to your mom (and me!!) and there are a lot of jobs up here and a few Texas Roadhouses! There are colleges up here too.;)